Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Think I Have a Problem...

Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm addicted to collecting cupcake liners. 

Since I started baking on a more regular basis, I've taken to collecting these things. They're so easy to just pick up here and there...too easy in fact. I can't help myself. When I see a cute or different pattern, I have to have it. I love having so many options when I'm baking! It's especially important now that I'm photographing everything I make. A variety of wrappers and backgrounds increases the chances of getting a great shot. Here's a glimpse at my collection.

Do you have any hobby-related items you collect?


  1. super cute! where do you usually find them? The Papery in the glebe has some of the cute lazer cut liner thingys that go over the actual liner.

  2. About 1/4 are from Michael's, 1/4 from Bulk Barn, and about 1/2 I got the other day at Dollarama of all places! They were so pretty and inexpensive that I got one of each pattern. I figure it's not so bad having so's not like they go bad : )

  3. there are worse things to nail clippings. so i think it's great!

  4. I collect wine corks....hobby of drinking wine I guess! You will have to join some evening for wine Michelle!

  5. too cute! i have become obessed with tart pans... and bowls... and cake pans... and just about anything i can bake with. love your blog - it is ADORABLE!


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