Monday, May 2, 2011

Media Monday: Inspiration

There are a lot of serious issues being discussed in the world today - the take-down of Osama, the Canadian Federal election, etc, etc. In an effort to lighten the mood just a bit I thought I'd share my favorite things I saw on the internet today.

While checking up on my regular blogs I was reading Lulumum, a blog mostly about Lululemon yoga wear, and she was recapping her experience in the BMO Vancouver Marathon over the weekend where she ran her first half with great success. My favorite part of the post was the pictures she included of educators from the Coquitlam Lululemon cheering on the marathon participants. They immediately reminded me of my friend, Kristen. She is a serious runner herself and is always spouting out "You can DO it!" type encouragement. Thanks to the wonders of the internet I'm able to share them with you. If you'd like to check out their full album it can be found here.

A little bit of fluff to lighten a heavy day.

1 comment:

  1. Those are awesome signs. Kinda makes me want to go to a marathon with a sign like that. :-)


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