Monday, June 20, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwiches

My Friday night was spent hanging out with some great friends enjoying time with their new baby, testing out new deck furniture, and barbecuing our first hot dogs of the season. I was tasked with bringing the hot dogs and buns, a salty snack, and limes and mint (from my own balcony garden!) for some delicious mojitos. Peggy (hi Pegs!) was in charge of salads and something sweet to finish off our first summer meal. And what she came up with was genius...homemade (or home assembled) ice cream sandwiches. 

I thought a hot and sunny day like today was the perfect time to share this treat with all of you. The decision to document our dessert was an impromptu one, so please excuse the pictures. Trying to sort out the settings on an unfamiliar camera resulted in less than stellar photography. 

You might as well start with the good stuff

Chocolate chip pecan cookies from Metro

That is a perfect looking scoop


Put on the top and squish

Peggy thought it looked like a tongue : )
Cookie dough ice cream + chewy chocolate chip pecan cookies = an easy and delicious treat. I would not hesitate to eat these, or some variation thereof, again. Thanks again Peggy. You choice was an excellent one. Maybe for the next BBQ we'll have to try a different combo.

Do you have a go-to assemble at home dessert you like to serve when you're short on time or it's too hot to make something from scratch? 


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