Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Strawberry Rhubarb Turnovers

Last weekend I was lucky enough to come across local rhubarb and strawberries at the grocery store. I figured neither one was going to be around for too much longer so I'd better take advantage while I could. I wanted to make something tasty that wasn't too complicated so I decided to try my hand at turnovers. 

I started off with frozen puff pastry from the grocery store. I may be an adventurous  baker but even I'm not crazy enough to try to make my own puff pastry. Especially in the a tiny kitchen with weak air conditioning. Then I made a strawberry rhubarb compote to use for the filling. Basically just a mix of chopped strawberries and rhubarb, some sugar, a little cornstarch and a bit of water. Most recipes I came across mentioned cutting the sheet of pastry into 4 and making large turnovers. I decided I wanted to have more to share so I cut each sheet into 16. After putting them together, I can see why they suggest the larger squares. The process was very messy but the taste was probably the same. 

A lot of them exploded but the filling was easily stuffed back in

A little egg wash and large crystal sugar topped things off
I thought these were delicious. I nice small treat. They did lose their crispiness after they were stored overnight but they were still tasty. If I were to make them again I think I would definitely try out the larger size. I think it might be easier and you'd definitely get more filling per turnover. I froze some of them after assembly and I'm going to try to bake them from frozen some day when I need a little pick me up. Hopefully they'll work out just as well that way.


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