Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sushi Cupcakes

A few weeks ago a couple of the girls in the office, Caitlyn (@lizard _princess) and Kelly, made some amazingly decorated cupcakes for a coworker's birthday. Said coworker really likes sushi and had chosen a sushi restaurant for her birthday lunch so, naturally, "sushi" cupcakes were the ideal treat. I was fortunate enough to hear about these and get a few pictures before they were devoured.

It's amazing what you can do with vanilla cupcakes, white frosting, and some fairly common candy. I was thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail. I think the "wasabi" is the touch that takes them over the edge. I also never would have thought to use white sprinkles as a stand in for white rice. I also loved the presentation. Nice touch.  

While on the topic of sweets that look like sushi, I thought I'd throw in a picture of the Rice Krispie treat "sushi" my friend, Janelle, made me for my very own birthday. That was the first time I'd seen this kind of thing in person and I sure was impressed. 

Photo courtesy of Janelle's facebook page
All in all, I think these girls all did an amazing job decorating their treats. Thanks for letting me use them as material for a post! Keep the creative ideas coming.

Have you ever made something sweet that looked like something savory? Or the opposite?


  1. I think the first dessert I ever made was when I was in Jr high school and watched the Urban Peasant on CBC every afternoon (oh dear god I'm surprised that man never cut his finger off). It was whipped cream and canned peach halves put on a plate to look like a fried egg...

    My obsession with food shows has clearly continued and I'm happy to say that my knife skills are superior to James Barber's

  2. I really don't like sushi but I do think I'd love this kind!!!


  3. I was amazed and delighted by these!!! Cait & Kelly's attention to detail is totally fabulous. One of my best birthday treats ever.


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