Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Overview of "American" Foods

One of my favorite activities while traveling has always been grocery shopping. I love checking out the varieties of foods that are new to me and unavailable when I'm in Canada. As I mentioned in my last post, a visit from my American dwelling relatives got me thinking about the differences in foods between our two countries. 

Last week I went down to Watertown, NY for the day with my brother. While I was there I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the foods I associate with the US and that we can't get up here.

We have Goldfish but not a whole wall's worth of varieties.

No Keebler elves for us.

Oh to have the same assortment of cereals...

I haven't seen Crunch Berries since the '90s.

Brownie Crunch may be a bit much for breakfast.

Also of note, there is an infinitely greater assortment of yogurts (brands, types, and flavors). Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. I know a few of us would be pretty happy if Chobani or Fage Greek yogurts were available in Canada. In short, there seems to be more selection in pretty much every area of the grocery store. 

Besides the different variety in the US, there's also a big difference in the prices of a lite of items. Perhaps it's the volume of product on the shelves that can explain the price difference between our stores and those less than 2 hours away across an imaginary line in the dirt. For example, Vitamin Water is $1 at Target and sells for $2.59 the cafeteria at my office. Both Ben and Jerry's and Hagen Daz are almost HALF the price in the US compared to Canada. There are also a lot more flavors to choose from. Sigh. It's probably for the best. 

Anyone have a good explanation for the variety/price differences on between the US and Canada? What is the one "American" product you'd most like to see on Canadian shelves?

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  1. I'd like the yogurt selection. Though Danone has just launched their Greek yogurt here sonmaybe the others will come soon too! And Justin's nut butters. I wish we could get them here.

    As for the rest- most of the stuff we can't get is highly processed food- so for the most part I'm ok with not being tempted by it day in and day out :)


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