Monday, April 9, 2012

Bites from the 'Burg - Suzy Q Doughnuts

Happy Easter (Monday)! I decided my co-workers probably wouldn't be too appreciative of a bunch of baking the day after Easter so, instead of making something new, I thought I'd tell you about one of my favorite places in my neighborhood - Suzy Q Doughnuts

Sugar Munkki

Suzy Q's opened around the corner from me a little while ago in a little shack in a parking lot that used to house Hintonburger. Their doughnuts used to be sold at the Farmer's Market at Lansdowne Park but I never got a chance to try them there. 

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, the rumor of a doughnut place coming to the 'hood spread spread like wild fire. While I may not have met many of my neighbors in person, I'm in touch with quite a few of them through Twitter on a regular basis. We're a chatty bunch and, when it comes to rumors about food, they spread quickly. Once they opened, I think we were tweeting about them even more frequently. Within five minutes of their opening, pictures of these delicious beauties started making the rounds.

They may look familiar. I've posted quite a few of them as Wordless Wednesday posts.
I'm unsure whether to be proud of this or not, but I have been Suzy Q's all but one week since they've been open. That's how much I'm enjoying these doughnuts. I've been pretty restrained most weeks and limited myself to only one. I have also managed to be consistent in my efforts to take a picture of every single doughnut I've tried and have only repeated one flavor over all these weeks. 

Choco Frito - chocolate glaze and caramelized corn chip

I can't remember the name of this lemon beauty but it was delish

Toasted Coconut and Salted Caramel

Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate and Chocolate Gravel Road

Half a dozen for sharing - Caramel Crunch, Blueberry, Salted Caramel, Margarita, Fruit Loop, and Spicy Chocolate

Spicy Pineapple

Chocolate Gravel Road - chocolate glaze with smoked almonds
I'm not sure what Suzy's secret is but the dough is consistently nice and fluffy and all you want in a doughnut. They're fried fresh throughout the day so you can often walk out with a warn doughnut in your hand. I think my favorites so far have been the Margarita, Spicy Pineapple, and the lemon curd. 

My only disappointment is that I think some of the flavors could be kicked up a notch. If I'm eating something with lemon in the name, I want to know for sure it's lemon. Ditto for lime, blueberry, spice, etc. I am one of those people who doubles the favoring in a lot of recipes so it could just be my palate. Some people agree with me, some think they're perfect as is. Regardless, it's not going to stop me from going to test them out.

Suzy Q's is open Thursday to Sunday from 9 am until at least 5 pm and then until they run out. $2 for a single and $10 for half a dozen. Check them out!

What's your favorite kind of doughnut?


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