Monday, June 4, 2012


About six months ago I got a message from fellow food blogger and baker extraordinaire, Lynne Frappier, asking if I'd be interested in being involved in a TV project she was going to be working on. I wasn't entirely sure what I was signing up for but, of course, I said yes!

The project turned out to be Must.Love.Food., a cooking show with a twist. Lynne invited people to join her who are "known" for a dish. Some friends, some family, some professionals but the thing they all have in common is they love food. Most nearly as much as Lynne...if that's even possible. 

I was invited to be part of the episode Must.Love.Cupcakes. Lynne was one of the judges at the Ottawa Cupcake Camp event I took part in. She wrote a lovely blog post about the event and my cupcakes. I left a comment on that post which led to Lynne and I connecting on Twitter and thus began our mutual admiration. It's certainly flattering when someone recognizes you for something you both really enjoy. I think we've really bonded over our Twitter discussions critiquing the Ottawa cupcake scene.

Anyway, on a Tuesday afternoon back in February we finally filmed my segment for the show in a beautiful house in Sandy Hill. Besides being terrified about trying to bake while being filmed and talking at the same time, I was nervous to meet Lynne. That's right - the two of us had never actually met in person until I showed up at the house that day. Such is the power of the internet and social media. You can feel you "know" someone even if you've never met.

Prepping for the show

Even though I was nervous, I thought the taping went really well. I decided to make my favorite basic chocolate buttermilk cupcake with fluffy vanilla frosting. Both are go-to recipes from Martha Stewart that I've posted about before. My experience with the recipes must have helped me because I got through both recipes without screwing anything up too majorly. I even managed to separate an egg without breaking the yolk. Success! Lynne and the crew from Rogers were really great and made me feel as comfortable as was possible for my first on camera performance.

Lynne, Ross, and Todd

Filming some extra footage of the finished product

A sampling of my cupcake paper collection

Lynne's chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and my chocolate buttermilk

I've really been enjoying the other episodes of the show. It's fun to watch. Lynne's got such a great rapport with all of her guests. Reruns of the cupcake episode of Must.Love.Food. will air on Rogers 22 in Ottawa this week on Monday at 3:30pm, Wednesday at 8:00am and 4:30pm, and Saturday at 1:00pm. 

Thanks again to Lynne for inviting me to be a part of this great project!!!




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  1. We don't get the show in my area (Perth, ON) but I love Lynn and have been following her posts on it and watching the clips. Congratulations, I just read her post on your visit. Admire you very much for having the nerve to be televised while doing your work and admire your baking talents very much.


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