Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberry Rhubarb Frozen Yogurt

Continuing on the strawberry rhubarb theme of late, I recently tried my hand at strawberry rhubarb frozen yogurt. Unfortunately, the portion I reserved to take photos of didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped. Making this recipe taught me something very valuable - homemade frozen yogurt freezes into a completely solid mass if you leave it in the freezer for more than a couple of hours.

When the yogurt first came out of the ice cream maker, it was soft and delicious like the pineapple frozen yogurt I posted about a while ago. What I ended up being able to photograph was a portion that had been frozen overnight in a small plastic container. Hence, the less than traditional shape of my "scoop" of frozen yogurt.
Strawberry Rhubarb Frozen Yogurt
Mix all ingredients and make sure they're nice and cold before adding to the ice cream maker.

Churn in your prepared ice cream maker for 10 to 15 minutes until it reaches your desired consistency. If after churning for 15 minutes you find the yogurt is too soft for your liking, transfer to a freezer-proof container and freeze for another hour or two until it firms up a bit.

If you have leftovers, my best suggestion would be to freeze them in popsicle molds or in single serve containers. The extra servings that I put in the freezer overnight froze so solid that even after 30 minutes out of the freezer, I couldn't get a spoon into it. However, I think the mix would make fantastic popsicles to be enjoyed on another day. 


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